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If you like bikes as much as we do, then you're in the right place.

We build custom frame and bikepacking bags for some of the best bikes on the planet. Including Trek™, Ibis™, REEB™, Salsa™, Specialized™, Surly™, Pivot™ and more!
We use an internal mounting system with plastic shims and rubber grommets on the seat tube and downtube for a stable mount and a super clean look.
We have a bunch of templates already 'in stock,' but it's a simple process to get your frame measured up for a custom bag that fits your bike perfectly.
Our bags are made from the toughest waterproof materials available, balancing performance and weight for a bag that will last.
Our standard VX21 X-PAC framebag for a 19.5" aluminum Farley weighs less than 7 ounces, or 165 grams!

!!COLORS!! We have 21 X-PAC™ colors and patterns to choose from!

New Products - Custom Flag Bags! Click for more info!

We have Trek™ Farley 19.5" Aluminum frame bags IN STOCK and ON SALE!!! Click for more info.

Please check out our gear page for more details.

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