tek ni kul - custom embroidery

Want to take your custom frame bag to the next level? We do custom embroidery! We've had a number of customers ask for custom embroidered designs for their bags over the years, and we're getting pretty good at it.

How it works:
- We'll work closely with you to develop your perfect frame bag or Top Tube Pod embroidery design.
- We send the embroidery design off for digitizing.
- We embroider the panels.
- We build your bag!

Cost depends on the complexity of the embroidery design and the number of panels you'd like to get embroidered.
- Design file digitizing starts at $10.00
- Panel embroidery starts at $10.00 per panel

Please email (tim@teknikul.com) or call with any questions about custom embroidery for your bike bags. (303)396-8521

We designed this set for a customer in the UK who toured on his Pashley Pathfinder Trail through Europe and the top of Africa

This honeycomb pattern was really cool...

Unicorns farting rainbows!

teknikul Top Tube Pod

Blue Roots Racing logo

Cool frame bag

We embroidered a Lion of Judah on a Rasta frame bag

We embroidered four set of bags for a Danish renewable energy customer

Gunnison Trails Top Tube Pods
We built some custom Top Tube Pods to help raise money
for our local trails organization Gunnison Trails

Gunnison Trails Top Tube Pods

Gunnison Trails Top Tube Pods