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Our custom frame bags are built to fit your frame perfectly. If we don't have a template for your make, model and size we'll have you take some measurements so we can build a new template. Measuring your frame is a pretty straight forward process...
Our frame bags include two plastic shims and metal washers for the internal mounting system, and we use heavy duty rubber grommets for a secure and waterproof mount around the bottle cage bolts.
Our frame bags come with 4 - 6 heavy-duty velcro straps, depending upon your frame size. Our straps are not sewn into the bag so you can replace them if the hook and loop ever wears out. Extra straps are available!
You can also purchase extra straps to use instead of using the internal bottle cage mounting system. See the pic below...
A standard black VX21 X-PAC bag starts at $105.00.
An upgrade to any other color or pattern is an additional $5.00.
A custom Colorado Flag framebag is $140.00.

To place an order please email (tim@teknikul.com) or call! (303)396-8521

** We have Trek™ Farley 19.5" Aluminum frame (2017 thru 2020) black X-PAC custom frame bags IN STOCK and ON SALE! Just $80.00 plus shipping, while supplies last! 20% savings!**

Custom Frame Bag - $105.00
Specs: (Trek Farley 19.5")
Standard Black VX21 X-PAC
Length: 17.5"  Height: 12.0"  Width: 2.75"
Weight: approx. 6.7 ounces or 190 grams
Volume: approx. 6 liters

All custom colors and patterns + $5.00 = $110.00
Specs: (Trek Farley 19.5")
X21, X33, X42 and X50 X-PAC
Length: 17.5"  Height: 12.0"  Width: 2.75"
Weight: approx. 7.0 ounces or 198.5 grams
Volume: approx. 6 liters

Colorado Flag Custom Bag - $145.00

Custom Colorado flag constructed out of X-PAC, Vinyl and Cordura

Trek™ Farley 19.5" Aluminum Template

Download template
We have templates for the following frames:

Trek™ Farley 21.5" Aluminum
Trek™ Farley 19.5" Aluminum
Trek™ Farley 19.5" Carbon
Trek™ Farley 17.5" Aluminum
Trek™ Farley 17.5" Carbon
Trek™ Farley 15.5" Aluminum
Trek™ Stache 7 XL Aluminum
Trek™ Superfly M Carbon
Cannondale™ F-Si M Carbon
Kona™ Wozo M Aluminum
Motobecane™ Sturgis Bullet L Titanium
Pivot™ LES Fat L Carbon
Reeb™ Donkadonk XL Steel
Salsa™ Timberjack XL Titanium
Salsa™ Fargo XL Steel
Salsa™ Blackborow L Aluminum
Salsa™ Deadwood XL Steel
Specialized™ Fatboy M Carbon Comp
Specialized™ Fatboy L Aluminum
Surly™ ECR L Steel

And more!