tek ni kul - our gear

Our bike bags are made from the toughest and lightest materials we can find.

We use Dimension Polyant's amazing X-PAC™ Laminated Ripstop fabric for the sides of our bags. X-PAC™ is waterproof, super tough, and UV resistant. And it comes in some really cool colors and patterns!
The ends of our bags are made from 1000 denier CORDURA® nylon fabric. This stuff just doesn't wear out.
We use #69 bonded nylon thread for strong, tough seams.
Our bags sport YKK® water resistant zippers, so they'll last the life of the bag.
We finish all of our internal seams with grosgrain ribbon.
Our bags include two plastic shims and metal washers for the internal mounting system, and we use heavy duty rubber grommets for a secure and waterproof mount around the bottle cage bolts.
Our frame bags come with 4 or 5 heavy-duty velcro straps, depending on frame size and number of bottle cage mounts. Our straps are not sewn into the bag so you can replace them if the hook and loop ever wears out. Extra straps are available!
You can also purchase extra straps to use instead of using the internal mounting system.
Made in Colorado, USA!

To place an order please email (tim@teknikul.com) or call! (303) 396-8521

We currently have five bag models to choose from:

Custom Frame Bag - Starting at $105.00
Specs: (Trek Farley 19.5")
Length: 17.5"  Height: 12.0"  Width: 2.75"
Weight: approx. 6.7 oz. or 190 grams
Volume: approx. 6 liters
More details here

Large Top Tube Pod - $50.00
Length: 10.0"  Height: 4.0"  Width: 2.75"
Weight: approx. 3.2 oz. or 90.8 grams
Volume: approx. 1.4 liters

Small Top Tube Pod - $45.00
Length: 8.0"  Height: 4.0"  Width: 2.75"
Weight: approx. 2.9 oz. or 82.5 grams
Volume: approx. 1.0 liter

Small CO Flag Top Tube Pod - $55.00
Length: 8.0"  Height: 4.0"  Width: 2.75"
Weight: approx. 3.0 oz. or 85.0 grams
Volume: approx. 1.0 liter

Seat Tube Pod - $45.00
Length: 5.0"  Height: 5.25"  Width: 2.75"
Weight: approx. 2.2 oz. or 62.5 grams
Volume: approx. 0.7 liter

Anything Cage Bag - $45.00
Diameter: 4.5"  Height: 11.5" rolled  15.5" unrolled
Weight: approx. 1.7 oz. or 48.2 grams
Volume: approx. 3.0 liters rolled